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Arista Tutoring

Students are encouraged to seek out help for any subject they may be struggling in

Dear Stuyvesant students,

You are encouraged to seek out help for any subject that you may be struggling in. ARISTA, Stuyvesant’s Honor Society, offers several free services for anyone in need of help, including:

One-on-one peer tutoring with a qualified ARISTA member

To sign up, create an account at https://stuyarista.org/
and request a tutor for a class. You will be paired with a tutor who excelled in that class, who will then reach out to you via email to schedule a tutoring session.

Tutoring sessions can occur during free periods, before and after school, and on the weekends.

Tutoring sessions can be conducted in school or in public areas. Note that you may never get tutored at your house or at your tutor’s

Please keep in mind that while many tutoring requests are fulfilled quickly, you should expect a 5 to 7 day period before the tutoring
session if tutors are unavailable to meet immediately after being paired.

You can submit as many requests as you want for any class taught at Stuyvesant, but certain classes may not have any tutors available
such as AP Environmental Science. If you are not paired with a tutor after a substantial amount of time, we encourage going to an AIS session.

Online essay editing

To submit an essay to be edited, create an account at https://stuyarista.org/
and submit a Google Doc with your essay on it.

If you would like specific edits (e.g. grammar checks, constructive criticism, etc.), leave your requests in a comment at the top
of the first page and our tutors will focus their editing accordingly.

All edits are checked by our Operations Committee to ensure that your essay has been constructively reviewed

Weekly after-school AIS sessions with a teacher and several ARISTA tutors.

The schedule for AIS sessions can be found on Stuyvesant's website

AIS sessions cover most core classes at Stuyvesant, such as the sciences, all languages, and most math classes.

These sessions are a great way to catch up on missed classes, review for a test, etc. with a teacher and with help from ARISTA members.

Teacher-approved study guides online at https://stuyarista.org/study_guides

More than half of the student body will have at least one ARISTA peer-tutor by the time they graduate. This means that there is no shame involved when students seek academic support.
If you are facing any difficulties or simply want to get ahead, we encourage you to reach out for assistance. If you are experiencing any trouble with your ARISTA account or with our peer tutoring service, please contact us at: aristaoperations@gmail.com.

ARISTA Executive Council

Posted on October 22, 2018 • Updated on December 3, 2018