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Francesca McAliffe
Office: Room 502
Telephone: (212) 312-4800 ext. 5021

Graduation Requirements: 
  • One semester of Music; One semester of Art 
  • Courses to be taken at Stuyvesant High School
The descriptions of the course codes used in this department summary can be found in the Course Guide.
At the instrumental auditions, students are expected to play a prepared piece, play scales, and sight-read. 

Although the number of classes of a given subject is based on the number of student requests for that subject, staffing considerations often make it impossible to accommodate all student requests.

Ninth Grade Students will be programmed for Art Appreciation and Music Appreciation (one term each) or two terms of a performing ensemble (audition required).

Grades Ten, Eleven and Twelve:

Students can request Painting or AP Art History.