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Principal's Message

Message from Eric Contreras, Stuyvesant HS Principal

July 26, 2016

Dear Stuyvesant Community,

I am honored and delighted to introduce myself as the Principal of Stuyvesant High School.

I began my career as a Social Studies teacher and have since served as Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and most, recently as Executive Director of Social Studies. Through my recent work, I have been fortunate to get to know Stuyvesant on a professional level. I have seen the dedicated and creative work of faculty members, and collaborated with members of the school community. I’ve also had the good fortune to get to know parents and students as the father of a graduate of the class of 2016. As a soccer and fencing dad, I was able to see first-hand an additional dimension of the experience at Stuyvesant.

Stuyvesant is a bustling community of learners, who on a daily basis participate in a multitude of opportunities, such as clubs, research programs, artistic endeavors, athletic teams, speaker forums and at the end of the year our very popular SING. I’m looking forward to a long list of firsts as your principal - the first day of class, the first theater production, the first robotics competition, the first athletic game of the year, and many others. I want to share and celebrate your experiences and support you in my role as a school leader.

I've had the pleasure to meet with members of the Stuyvesant community. I met with the school cabinet, the school leadership team, and joined a conference call with the Stuyvesant Alumni Association Board of Directors. It was refreshing to hear that across constituent groups, we all spoke with the same excitement and pride about our connection with Stuyvesant, and we all shared similar ideas in supporting our STEM research programs, our guidance and college supports, our ideas with instruction, and our shared vision around partnerships in support of the school. I will work with all of you to strengthen programs that are working well and look closely at exploring additional ways to support our students, families and staff. The day was a great beginning to that ongoing conversation. I will be at Stuyvesant during the summer to continue planning and organizing for this coming year. You can always reach me at econtre@schools.nyc.gov

I would also like to thank Principal Jie Zhang for her commitment and her dedicated work in developing great programs at Stuyvesant, as well as, Principal Emeritus Stanley Teitel, who first introduced me to this wonderful school and who gave so much to Stuyvesant. I look forward to building on both their efforts.

As I experienced my first full day, I feel privileged to join in the work and traditions of this great community. I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you this coming year.

Yours truly,

Eric Contreras,

Principal, Stuyvesant High School